I started Gym!

Well, technically I started going to the gym. Not really, does walking to the park, going on the amateur gym equipment and playing on the swings count as exercise? I think so. Some people say it’s not keeping fit but my stomach begs to differ after a couple of ‘sit ups’. Anyhow, my brother and I decided to go for an impromptu park visit and to our surprise there was gym equipment! Don’t get my wrong, it is shite and half of the actual equipment is rusty as hell but we had a fun time. After all this is the only gym I’ll ever be caught in.



Above is Adam working on his legs whilst throwing the shadiest of looks to passers by. We are a pair of weirdos, for sure. May I just add that I never actually went on the gym equipment to exercise, I simply went on to pose and pretend. I don’t run. Unless I’m late for the bus or if the Ice-cream van is leaving the street.

Of course a park visit is not complete without going on the children’s activities.

I haven’t had that much fun in a while and it’s safe to say that I will again be visiting this park I had no idea about. It’s literally a 10 minute walk from my house too! No blog post is complete until I have posed and shown you all my outfit so here goes below.


As much as I don’t really like my body on these pictures, I have lost weight and I’m quite proud of that!

Cardigan- Republic (It’s that old)
T-shirt- Primark
Jeans- Crosshatch
Trainers-New Look
Hermés Belt

Enjoy the sun whilst it lasts folks. Magical Magenta Calienté cuddles to you all.

Abbie XO



Basic Buys

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had a great week. I’m hoping it wasn’t too bad considering we had the bank holiday weekend. I actually have two weeks off for Easter and plan to create more posts for you read.

Everyday for a week I had begged my mother to take me out shopping. Not that I couldn’t go on my own, it’s just not as fun when you can’t share the shopping experience with someone. So on Bank Holiday Monday she reluctantly agreed to take me out. I was desperate for a foundation. And by desperate I mean wearing a £1.99 Natural Collection substitute for the whole week. There’s nothing wrong with natural collection of that’s what you like but unfortunately for me it is not good for my skin. As I have quite a dry T-zone, it was forever leaving crusty, grainy marks on my forehead. Trust me it’s not a look I go for on the regular.

Prior to actually going shopping I asked you, my followers for advice on which foundations are good for leaving a dewy, glowy look. I had plenty of responses and far to much to choose from. From high end products such as Mac and Makeup forever to the drugstores Rimmel, Maybeline, Bourjois and Revlon. I tried them all in the store  and found what I believe to be my favourite budget foundation yet: Bourjois Healthy Mix. img_1523

I came to the conclusion of buying this foundation because I watched Pixiwoo’s Nicola Haste (Chapman) go through her favourite, affordable foundations and she recommended Bourjois Healthy Mix for dry skin.  I tested it the day after purchasing, here’s the pictures.  img_1537Above is my no makeup selfie, below is with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

The foundation is incredibly lightweight and to me has quite a good coverage- I’d say medium. The actual feel of the foundation feels as if it moisturiser which is definitely good for my dry skin. My T-Zone is already looking more healthy. The colour of foundation I’m using is No.52 Vanilla, it’s perfect for my skin tone and doesn’t leave a yellowy undertone. Id recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin like me, it’s a fab product and affordable.

It has taken me a long time to invest in the real technique brand as I was being a little bit frugal and thought the brushes were expensive, however when I saw this sponge at a bargain price I had to have it. I was surprised with how soft it was,definitely better than my cheap blender off Amazon. 100% recommend. I purchased the sponge from a T J Hughes store, it was £3.97

Below I finished the rest of my face off.


 Here are the products I used for the full look:  

-Sephora IT Palette

-Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

-Scandal Eyes Mascara Rimmel

-Kiko precision liner 310

-Mac Mehr Lipstick

-Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

-W7 Cheeky Trio Palette

– Benefit Rollerlash

– And a cheap mascara from a gift box.

Thank you for reading, best wishes as always.

Abbie XO


Sephora IT palette: Review 

Hey everyone. I’m super sorry for my absence, I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I would have liked to because of college deadlines and my trip to Paris! Yep that’s right I’ve been to the fashion capital and I loved every minute of it. The trip was a residential with college, we went to Disneyland and later went to central Paris. If we had gone a week earlier we would have been in the midst of fashion week! Who knows maybe we would have seen Gigi or Kendall? A Paris post will be up soon but firstly I want to share my first Sephora experience.

I am a sucker for shopping as you guys know by now so walking down the Champs-Élysées was a dream come true. I literally felt like Blair Waldorf. Stores such as Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Louboutin and Mac were on the famous Paris avenue and I was in heaven. Prior to visiting Paris my friends and I googled where we could shop and immediately had to visit Sephora and that’s where I came across this amazing Sephora IT palette.

I have too many eye shadow palettes, I really do and I always get those judgemental Mother looks as if she’s saying “More makeup?”. I can’t be the only one who’s a palette hoarder? This Sephora Nude Collection Palette contains 7 eye shades, 2 highlighters, 1 base shade, 2 eyeliners, a duo eyeshadow brush and a contour eyeliner pencil. It’s definitely the perfect gift as it comes in cute packaging which means it’s easy to transport. I even bought my Mum the same palette and she too loves it. 


 Swatches Below:


Each of the colours are perfect for any occassion and they’re really pigmented which is what I want from an eye palette. It pretty much is my favourite palette ever, it’s a shame there is no Sephora in Manchester.

I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the brushes. Everything about this palette is amazing. I bought each palette for €29.95 which is £23.66 so quite a bargain! Be sure to check it out on the Sephora website.

Thanks for viewing you guys. I love you. Tweet me @savingforchanel & follow me on Instagram @savingforchanel 💗

Abbie XO

The Michelle Visage Experience.

I love Michelle Visage. Period. I love everything she stands for, I love her eccentricity and theatricality and most of all her friendship with of course, RuPaul. Initially this post was going to be a book review on The Diva Rules which is a motivational/biography book written by the one and only Michelle Visage but I also wanted to share my experience of meeting one of my idols. So I’ve decided to incorporate both and hope you enjoy.


I have been a fan of Michelle Visage ever since she entered the UK Celebrity Big Brother House, I really related to her. She is so down to earth which is hard to find as people become more and more famous but she is definitely one of the nicest people around. Like me, Michelle is a big advocate for the LGBTQ community and this is my favourite thing about her. She uses her fame to promote LGBTQ Rights and Equality which I think is incredibly commendable as I have friends and family who are part of the community. Each and every day LGBT rights are improving and it’s thanks to people with open minds like Michelle that this is happening. She loves everyone for who they are. I try to live by Michelle’s philosophies and by reading The Diva Rules, I believe I’ve become a much more positive person.  Last year my obsession with this woman really came to light when I was introduced to RuPaul’s Drag Race. Let’s just say I watched all of the seasons on Netflix and literally cried when they were over, they were my life. A show where someone can feel free and really express who they are just gives me life and hope for people who maybe feel as though they don’t have a place. I’ve always felt in myself that I was quirky and eccentric, so Drag Race was amazing for me to watch. I’ve often been told that I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body! Ru and Michelle really do help people believe in themselves and that is the nicest thing someone can do, I really do love them.


Early in November I found out that Michelle was in Manchester to do an interview and a book signing at the Dance House. As it was my upcoming 18th Birthday I figured what would be better than to meet my idol on my birthday?! My friend Amber and I immediately jumped at the chance and went for it. A lot of people say that when meeting your idol’s they usually don’t turn out to be as expected but this was the opposite. Michelle was exactly the same and when talking throughout her interview I identified with her on so many topics.  She discussed her book The Diva Rules with Manchester Drag Queen Cheddar Gorgeous (He is fierce! And his makeup was flawless). She spoke of her own struggles with fitting in, finding her place in the the LGBT community and even her anxiety issues. Talking of her anxiety really stuck a chord with me as I had, at the time, been going through similar anxiety issues. The way she so openly discussed her life and problems was great and you have no idea how much she helped me. I’ve not always been a confident person and more often than not put on a facade to feel better but now I can tell you I’ve never felt better and love myself, because if you can’t love yourself then how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen? Yes, girl.  Here are some pictures from the event:


[This was on the day of meeting her, in college. I was really excited and hardly slept.]



[Waiting in anticipation for both Cheddar and Michelle.]



[Getting our cuddles in!]


[Michelle Visage Bitches! Her makeup was on fleek.]


[The gorgeous Cheddar, Amber and I]

I had the best time and I will treasure these memories for life. Michelle even told us that she had forgotten to pack appropriate clothing so everything she was wearing was from Primark. She’s a girl after my own heart. I want to thank Michelle Visage for taking the time to talk to each fan and spend time with each of us, it was a perfect night and the best birthday ever.

Michelle Visage has many talents. She was a singer in the girl group Seduction and S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M, she was a radio personality for over 20 years, a TV presenter, a woman who invented the Vogueing and now she can add author to that ever growing list. Her debut book The Diva Rules was released late 2015 and I’ve only just finished reading it. (I am a slow reader.) I’ve never been much of a reader in the first place but as soon as I heard she was releasing a book I had to have it. The book itself is as fabulous as I expected it to be. IMG_0890

Visage looks as fierce as hell on the cover and even on the inside it’s glittery! What’s not to love? IMG_0889


She signed each book differently for her fans, meaning each was unique to the person. So much love! The book has it’s chapters cut up into rules on certain topic’s including; never giving up, shine like the star you are and keeping your shit together. Michelle shares her own personal memoirs and her life putting them into rules so that we don’t have to make the mistakes she did. Her mistakes made her who she is today so it’s kind of  self help motivational book which is what I love. It is in no way condescending or patronising but more like you’re having a girly conversation. She says it like it is and always tells the T.  Throughout the book are pictures from her family photo albums which aren’t often publicised and stories about her. We learn about her adoptive family and her birth mother, her struggle to fit in to society’s means and her relationship with Ru. The book, in my opinion, is heart warming yet has a funny and uplifting theme. After reading this book I felt as though I could take on the world and truth be told I felt the need to start blogging again. I guess you could say thanks to Queen Visage for helping me to get off my ass and start getting myself into writing again. She helped me to reignite my passion and I’ll be forever grateful.







The Diva Rules is available at Waterstones, Amazon and other book stores for £15. It’s definitely worth a read and even RuPaul writes in it! So worth every penny. I really loved the note Michelle wrote to Ru. IMG_0899

All the feels guys. This is what relationship goals should be like.

Thank you for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. Buy Michelle’s book and let your inner diva shine. NEVER be afraid to be you, NEVER be afraid to be fabulous. Just live life as YOU want, don’t give a shit about what other people think. Be YOU and do it with style!

Bye, Unicorns.

Abbie XO

The Grammys 2016

Yay! The Grammys have arrived and I love love love this award show. It’s not boring like the Oscars, it’s pretty much a huge celebration of music and a concert. What could be better? I’m not going to lie I was simply  waiting in anticipation for this years Grammys just so I could see Gaga do Bowie! And also to see the hideous creations these Hollywood stylists put together for their celebrity clients. To begin with I’m going to go through the best dressed and be nice for a change. I’m feeling pretty positive so lets give it a go.

So the first on my best dressed list is a love/hate for the whole ensemble and the person. It’s Taylor Swift. I like her music but sadly she’s annoying (this whole being nice thing is just not for me). IMG_0820




Taylor wore Atelier Versace (my fave) and debuted her new short bob. Now, I’ll start with what I love. I adore this long, flowing skirt with the slit in the front for her long legs to poke through. I think it’s very sophisticated and I love the pop of colour as it’s the Grammys and it’s all about expressing yourself as an artist. I really like the shape it gives her with a cinched waist and then an elegant flowing skirt. What I don’t like is the bandeaux bra/top. The colour is great but I’m totally over the whole crop top trend. The bottom of the outfit looks amazing and expensive as Versace should be but the top looks cheap and you could probably grab it at Primark. Not to mention her hair, theres only one person who will pull this cut off and it’s not Taylor. It’s vogue editor Anna Wintour. Never imitate an original. Over all I think the outfit does flow well and go together, it was way better than most of the outfits on the carpet. Last years was better!

Next on the best dressed list is one of Taylor Swift’s squad girls: Selena Gomez.


Selena is wearing a Calvin Klein glittery creation which of course I love. Sparkles and Abbie go very well together. I never give this young lady enough credit for  how beautiful she is. She’s always been a natural beauty and I think she looks stunning in this midnight blue sculpted dress. Taylor Swift’s squad was definitely slaying on the red carpet. Pictured above is a sweet picture of the two of them looking gorgeous. The colour of this dress really suits her dark lock and her skin tone, I’m in love. I also love the cut out sides which add a edgy shade to the dress. Kudos!

Finally, it’s Gigi Hadid’s model sister Bella Hadid.


Bella absolutely worked that carpet as if it was a runway. The weekend and her are my favourite couple of 2016, I’m telling you they’re a perfect match. I happen to think Bella is prettier than Gigi, I mean look at that bone structure? She’s stunning. Hadid wore a revealing black Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture gown, covered in embroidered crystals with a plunging V-neck with a sexy slits in the front, and Alexander Wang shoes. The whole look was effortless and her sleek hair do added to the chicness of the outfit. She was my favourite by far. Even her stance is so professional and model like, she’s so sassy unlike her Mother. (https://savingforchanel.wordpress.com/2016/02/17/rhobh-s6-episode-12-recap/)

Onto my favourite part of award shows, publicly ridiculing the celebrities on their hideous choices. Florence Welch is first in Gucci.


What do you think my reaction is gonna be for this outfit? Literally she wore everything Gucci and I definitely love a girl who stays loyal to a brand but I’m hating on this. It’s gross and not in the slightest bit flattering. One, the colour completely washes her pale skin tone out, an emerald colour suits a red head better, just saying. Two, when did night gowns become a fashion trend? I think Florence has been on the phone to Ms Cate Blanchett and asked for styling tips because this is similar to what she wears and I hate them. It’s like an old fashion night dress and a moo moo at the same time. I get that her whole image as an artist is to be a little bit out there and indie like but this is really not a good od look for her. Sorry Miss Frumpty Dumpty.

I hate to say it but the next worst dressed is my love Lady Gaga.


You may call me crazy but from the neck up I am literally living for this look. Why you ask? Because one of my loves in life is the art of Drag and this to me screams Drag Queen. Nobody loves and appreciates a good Drag Queen like me, seriously ask my college mates. Although I appreciate she was paying tribute to the late but great David Bowie, I think she went too far. Yeah, rock the shit out of his songs and pay tribute to him by capturing his eccentricity when performing but don’t imitate him on the carpet? The Grammys is not a fancy dress party.I appreciate the detail on the Marc Jacobs coat but I’m just not in love with it. Sorry Gaga. On the other hand I loved her performance, she has an amazing voice and can literally sing anything. Bowie songs are hard to sing and I think she got it right!

Finally, it gives me so much pleasure to shove this woman on the worst dressed list. It’s little miss golden girl Giuliana Rancic wearing a Jani and Khosla gown.


I just want to point out that when I type Rancic it automatically changes to rancid. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve never heard of this designer and I can’t tell you right now I’m not a fan. Is she Cleopatra? Or a Roman going to war? This dress was covered in small pieces of mirror and I’m surprised they didn’t crack with her looking like that. In all honestly the top half looks okay but okay is not good enough for the Grammys bitches. The bottom looks like something someone would have on a shower curtain. I just don’t get it and I don’t get what possessed her to do something like this. She’s a walking Oscar statue. Gross. E! Red Carpet correspondent Ryan Seacrest (Hot!) said that G looked stunning. Ryan? I think somebody needs an eye test, I sure don’t and Seacrest looked divine. Kathy Griffin would even want a slice of him. Anyway, Giuliana you’re ugly move along.

Thanks for reading and remember to always werk it!

Abbie XO


Beauty Essentials: According to Moi

Makeup to me is what Viagra is to an old man. I just cannot get enough. I mean, you could literally name any beauty product and I’d most likely have it in my makeup box. If you saw me you probably couldn’t tell that I wear makeup everyday but that’s because I’m super subtle; unlike my crazy personality. I don’t profess to be fabulous at makeup because trust me I’m the worst but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dabble or experiment every now and again. That’s why whenever I come into some money, I can’t save and have to buy something new and more often than not it goes on, yep you guessed it makeup! But hey, a girl can never have too much right?

Onto this weeks post, my own obsession has inspired me to write a post about the beauty products that are essential to every girls makeup bag. The first product I believe is one hundred percent needed is used before applying makeup. The perfect primer.


I have the MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ spray which comes at a price of £17. Before layering on your foundation give yourself a spray of the Fix+ primer and let it dry. This is an essential to keep your makeup lasting longer throughout the day. Sometimes I even spray this onto my brushes whilst applying makeup, I think it gives some sort of a hold on your makeup but that could just be me thinking that. I often spray after completing my makeup routine because I feel as though it is a setting spray also, I think it does the job.

In all honesty once I have used up all of the primer, I won’t be purchasing this product again. That’s mainly because of the price. It is definitely luxury, I would only ever buy this if I was feeling as though I deserved a treat. However, whether it be MAC, E.L.F or Drugstore the primer is always good to have in your bag right?

I am a girl who loves her lipstick, even at college my friend and I have been called ‘The Lipstick Crew’ because there is never a day we go bare lip and I mean NEVER. We’re constantly showing and sharing our new collection of lipstick shades with the rest of the class. I think the most important thing to have in a beauty haul is a nude/subtle pink lipstick that suits you as an individual. That doesn’t mean you should strut around with a foundation lip. Girl, no. I’d have to say ‘Bye Felicia’ if you ever did that. What I do mean is having a lipstick that really suits and compliments your skin tone. I don’t particularly suit nude so I opted for a pinky colour. My favourite in my bag at the moment is this MAC lipstick in the shade Mehr.



[This picture doesn’t do the shade justice. It definitely is a neutral colour on me]

I received this as a birthday gift from my friend and I have never looked back. That may sound silly but I hardly wear any of my other lipsticks now because this one is my favourite and it literally goes with every outfit. I pair this lip shade with KIKO precision lip pencil liner to create a fuller, matte lip. I love, love, love lipstick and so could you. £15.50 at Selfridges gals. Other nude lipsticks I own are, of course my Tom Ford clutch sized lipstick in the shade Colin and I own a W7 one in Nude Kiss.

[W7 Nude Kiss £2.99, Tom Ford Colin £28]

As well as a nude lipstick a girl needs to have a selection of neutral eyeshadows. I have numerous palettes by different brands but my all time favourite is Makeup Revolutions Beyond Flawless. It contains the perfect shiny shoes and matte pigments which are great for any occasion.



I happen to think that the colours are similar to those in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is £39! So considering, you can get the luxury look for less with this £8 palette. The shadows I like to work best with are ‘Brunette’ and ‘Spicy’, these are light rose gold colours and look stunning on. Each shadow in all of my Makeup revolution Palettes picks up a lot of colour which is good for the price. I really do buzz over this brand because it’s affordable and totally worth it. I also have the 144 2015 palette which is just the same, with brighter colours!


[This is now £20 to buy but I got it at a bargain £8, from Superdrug]

Another palette full of natural shades that I consider to be a makeup must have is the Win The Buff palette.



It contains 12 natural nudes and again was a great price at £4.99 from the beauty outlet at Junction 32 Pontefract. Believe it or not my Dad actually spotted this shop and told me about it before offering to take me there and treat me. It’s safe to say I’m a spoilt daughter. I use the shades ‘Camel’ and ‘Dust’ the most to create a shimmery bronze looking lid and I have to say it does look pretty good (for me). As you can tell by the picture above this is a well used product. You can also buy this palette on amazon and W7, maybe you might want to buy the other palettes too, I want them!

Speaking of W7 I have also (from a separate shopping haul may I add) another blush/bronze/highlighter palette called ‘The Cheeky Trio’. I adore the name and the product, everyone needs to own a palette like this. They are a dream come true because they’re all together in one case and so easy to travel with. Contouring those cheekbones on the go will be a lot easier, again it’s a reasonable price at £4.99 so buy girls buy!



This palette is 100% needed. Trust.

Finally, we move onto talk about perfume. Although, it is not something we usually carry within a makeup bag I do believe it is essential for women to have their own signature fragrance. It sort of gives us an identity and we can own ourselves, be who we want to be sort of thing. My signature scent used to be Sarah Jessica Parkers new one (Don’t know the name? Maybe lovely?) but anyway I had a little accident involving sick and a tram (don’t ask) so I lost the perfume in the incident. Now, I have two! You all know how much I heart Versace and when my Mum surprised me at Christmas with a set of four mini Versaces I literally cried. I’m deadly serious. Looking back maybe that was quite an OTT reaction but I love them and wasn’t expecting them. My fave of the four is Crystal Noir and a bigger bottle (50ml) of it would set you back £55-£60, something which I wouldn’t be willing to pay myself 😉

Everyone I know doesn’t like the smell as it is quite strong and fruity, it does last all day and I can’t get enough of the stuff. There’s something about that makes you feel expensive and I feel as though every woman/girl should be made to feel special and expensive every now and again. I have ran out of my Versace’s though, trust me that was a sad day however weep no more, I have switched to Lady Gaga’s The Fame. I had gotten this given to me as a gift from my little Brother Morgan on my birthday. The scent is again similar to Versace with a strong fruity smell which is why I like it. I can’t stand perfumes that are subtle, it’s like me. I only wear strong perfumes to match my strong, opinionated personality. The bottle of The Fame is awesome with the lid being designed to look like a claw and the liquid inside the see through bottle is BLACK. Don’t worry it doesn’t stain but it does leave a beautiful smell. As a Gaga fan this whacky fragrance is perfect! With a perfect price of £10.99 too!

Thanks for reading my beauty essentials, I hope i didn’t waffle on too much. You should know by now I find it hard to reign myself in and shut up. Thank you anyway. Have a great weekend with whatever you’re planning to do, be safe and most importantly be yourself!

Abbie XO


Annual 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards: Best and Worst Dressed.

I just love award season. I wait all day for the event, just so I can review the dresses the next day. For me it’s not all about the dress, it’s about who made the dress. This year at the SAG Awards, the celebrities have introduced me to new designers I had never heard of before and that’s what makes the red carpet special. I was pretty impressed with the style on the carpet and the best dressed list has to be my favourite one I’ve ever put together, that’s all thanks to a special lady.

That special lady is the talented Laverne Cox.

The Orange is the New Black star has always been a success when it comes to red carpet style and she has almost nearly been on my best dressed lists. I literally have not seen a more beautiful dress on the carpet, every inch of her shows elegance and sophistication.

The Grecian style burgundy gown by Gurung Prabal was the perfect colour and even her makeup matched and tied the whole outfit together. I’ve never seen any of Gurung Prabals designs but because of Laverne, he is now on the sartorial map and I’ll sure to be looking for his designs if they are as gorgeous as this dress. From the delicate pleats to the draping caplet, it’s every part of a  Grecian goddess. A big congratulations to OITNB for winning an award, it was well deserved.

Onto SNL’s comedy Queen. Kristen Wiig.

 I admire Kristen so much for opting out of the predictable evening gown. This monochrome pant suit was the perfect statement from Wiig, the top embellishment added even more of a special effect to the outfit. What was great about this was that this jumpsuit could be worn anywhere, it’s just how you style it and it was put together amazingly. Kristen stayed true to herself wearing this Roland Mouret as she’s never been one for ball gowns. Wiig even made the list of ‘Outfits that looked even more amazing from the back’ according to People Magazine.  

I have to agree with them, it was tailored to perfection. I loved her gold platforms and her sleek pony.

Finally, a Desperate Housewives actress wearing a hard colour to pull off. Green.

 Newly engaged Desperate Housewife star Eva Longorias dress was to die for! The alligator-green beaded gown would have been such a hard gown to pull off but Eva did it and she was the epitome of elegance and had an air of confidence about her. The colour looked stunning against her olive skin. The plunging neckline, sheer side panels and open back were beautiful. This dress also made the list of “Outfits that look even more amazing from the back”
Simply stunning.

Now, onto the part that brings me the most joy. It’s time to publicly bash the style of the actors. First up is someone who I’ve picked on before… Strawberry blonde, Nicole Kidman.  602044739LL00087_The_22nd_A

I’ve never been a fan of layering in fashion but on the red carpet, it’s even more of a disaster. Seriously, what is this? I’m sure my Barbie had a shorter version of this in the early 2000’s. Givenchy I have to say I’m disappointed. It’s messy and in no way flattering. Entertainment Weekly have described the dress as ‘country style’ and I agree. This is not red carpet couture! The waterfall tiers are frumpy and gross. Sorry not sorry.

It pains me to say who is up next because she has always been an idol and an advocate for curvy girls. She’s definitely my woman crush, just not in this dress.

 It’s none other than Christina Hendricks. Although I’m not a fan of the dress ,I do love her new strawberry blonde locks. This dress is made by Christian Siriano, again whom I’ve never heard of but know that he makes extravagant gowns like the one pictured above. I think the whole reason I don’t particularly love this dress is because there is too much going on. With the big bow in the ass and a side train it’s just too much and a figure hugging dress would have been a lot nicer but who am I to judge? Kidding.

The next actor is one who has been around for decades and won the lifetime achievement award which of course was well deserved. It’s gay icon Carol Burnett.

Carol definitely made a statement and lived up to her legendary status by wearing this Bob Mackie creation with UGG slippers. At first when I saw her, I thought she’d escaped from her care home but then when I later realised she wore the slippers as a joke, I thought it was quite clever. Publicity wise anyway, people will remember this for a long time. I love her theatrical attitude and her all round bubbliness. I also do enjoy a good Bob Mackie creation, especially the Cher outfits he’s designed but I’m not in love with this green suit. Of course, it is more suited to a mature lady but have you seen Jane Fonda?! Come on Carol, if Jane can do it, so can you.

Thank you guys, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for beauty essentials next week!

Abbie XO

Iconic Fashion: In the media

I have had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. It’s thanks to celebrities and magazines that I have been able to pursue my obsession and even write about fashion in a blog. This week’s post was inspired by a book I received as a Christmas Present from my brother. The book is called ‘The Dress’ and features iconic dresses made by designers and worn by celebrities. I loved the book so much, I decided to comment on my own favourite iconic looks from the past. I included some of my favourite people too.

The first iconic dress made it’s debut on the red carpet in 1994 for the premier of Hugh Grant’s film Four Weddings and a Funeral. His, then, girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley wore what is now known as ‘The Safety Pin Dress’ designed by Gianni Versace himself. Now, I wasn’t even alive in 1994 but because of how much of an amazing dress it is and how well Elizabeth pulled it off it has impacted on fashion forever. My favourite designers are Versace and Tom Ford so it was only natural I chose this look, my love of Versace made me come across this picture and I fell in love.IMG_0313


The sleek, black dress had oversized gold safety pins placed in strategical places and was definitely a daring choice with the plunging neckline. The dress is one of Versace’s most well known gowns and it even launched Elizabeth Hurley’s career to new levels. She is now a successful business woman, actress, spokesperson for Estee Lauders breast cancer campaign and a model. Elizabeth looked phenomenal and the look will go forever go down in history. In 2012, Lady Gaga brought the dress back and wore it when visiting Donatello Versace as a mark of respect. She also looked amazing but theres nothing like seeing the dress for the first time on Hurley. This dress is my all time favourite, I love the combination of elegance and punk .


Along with Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pin dress, Versace have been known for creating the most daring look of 2000. This look comes from Jennifer Lopez.


JLO wore this Versace silk chiffon creating to the 43rd Grammys and boy did she wow the crowd. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of this as I think it’s something we would wear on a beach over a bikini, but JLO is always pushing the fashion boundaries and it’s landed her in fashion history. Jennifer Lopez has always been keen to show off her best asessts and I usually agree with the rules of either showing cleavage or leg, not both. However, that being said she does look fierce and owns every part of her body bringing confidence and elegance to the blue carpet.  The sheer fabric is printed with a tropical leaf and bamboo pattern (which is why I call it the Jungle Dress) and cut with a plunging neckline which extends well past JLO’s belly button, while the waist of the dress is studded with intricate jewels.This dress was also highly reported throughout the media and caused Versace to become a household name, the original dress now resides in the Grammy Museum for all to see. I definitely want to visit this place! The dress had made such an impact on the world that Jennifer had to recreate the outfit and let it make a comeback for her stage performance, it is pictured below.


This time JLO wore a unitard and it wasn’t as revealing as the 2000 creation, still all the more beautiful.

Time for another one from the music industry. I don’t think I’ve ever done a celebrity post without mentioning her? Can you guess who I’m referring to? That’s right Mother Monster herself, Gaga. IMG_0534


Now we all know that Lady Gaga is known for her collection of eccentric and theatrical looks but this one definitely tops them all. Meat, really? Obviously, this dress caused global controversy but I think she was brave and it was an amazing choice for publicity, the press couldn’t keep away from her. The dress made it’s debut at the 2010 VMA’s and was named 2010’s biggest fashion statement. Aside from the crazy idea of the meat dress, lets talk about her chic, white/blue hair. I love her makeup and hair but the dress is not for me.  Cher’s face was a picture when she saw Gaga, even Queen Cher didn’t dare to pull this look of but to be fair she’s had her fair share of fashion faux pas. The meat dress has now been preserved by taxidermists and is on show in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

We’re now entering into the fashion from the ultimate chick flick of Sex and the City. if you know me well, you’ll know I am head over heels in love with everything to do with this TV series and even the movies. Theres nothing more heart warming than seeing a group of women have a lifelong friendship together. I want that life. Not to mention the fashion! Along with the release of the 2008 movie came Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding day and I was blown away by the wedding dress choices.



Big left her at the alter wearing this?! That was the dumbest move he ever made. She was a vision in this and every other woman in the world agreed with me. Since the movie had been released a version of this Vivienne Westwood gown had sold out on Net-a-porter.com. Of course, nobody else could ‘carrie’ this off like Sarah Jessica Parker. The elaborate creation was perfect to describe Bradshaw’s bubbly personality, not to mention the couture, Carrie would not have settled for anything else, well she did in the end.

I have never really been a fan of the British Monarchy, that being said in the April of 2011 I changed my mind when I saw the beautiful Kate Middleton marry Prince William. The wedding dress made by Sarah Burton, a British Designer at the incredible Alexander McQueen Haus, will forever go down in history. She was so elegant and sophisticated, just what we wanted our Princess to be.


The satin and overlaid lace bodice was stunning and we expected nothing less coming from McQueen. If I ever got married and was rich I’d have: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood or a John Galliano gown. They all have impeccable taste for weddings. Maid of honour Pippa Middleton also wore McQueen and stole the show with her rear ass, winning herself rear of the year. Kudos.



In the picture above it’s quite hard to determine the reason as to why Pippa was even given the ‘rear of the year’ award. I do hope this isn’t treason but she ain’t no Kardashian.

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FBF: Madrid Trip 20/11/15-23/11/15

Hi you guys! For this week’s post I wanted to share with you my photos from my birthday trip to Madrid. I had the best time and thought you’d all like to see the amazing city.IMG_0185[This is the palace which is to die for, Buckingham Palace has nothing on this joint.]

IMG_0174[Madrid Zoo was the perfect place to go for a leisurely stroll. We had the whole zoo to ourselves and even saw panda’s!]IMG_0198IMG_0188

[Posing is my favourite sport. Have you noticed?]IMG_0193IMG_0195[Being typical tourists with our selfie stick in the Palace garden.]IMG_0196IMG_0199IMG_0187IMG_0167IMG_0182IMG_0190[The worlds second largest Primark. I love a good bargain ,as you know ,so this was literally a dream.]IMG_0177IMG_0194[The architecture was so stunning, I wish I could do it all again.]IMG_0191IMG_0183IMG_0189



I honestly loved Madrid and wish I could relive it all, no doubt I will be visiting again in my lifetime. Now onto airport couture.

IMG_0360IMG_0359[Billy Ray Chic]

Fedora Hat- Topshop
Lipstick- Amorous Mac
T-shirt- Primark
Waistcoat- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans- Cross Hatch
Boots- Office

Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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73rd Golden Globes 2016

Obviously, I couldn’t wait to start writing this article. There’s nothing I enjoy more than publicly ridiculing the fashion choices of celebrities. Okay so that sounded really mean, lets say I enjoy giving my opinion on red carpet fashion. I had been waiting all week for Sunday to arrive so that I could be wowed but unfortunately I was pretty disappointed. Every year it’s the same old, same old. Nobody really stood out for me, not even the worst dressed of the evening. Don’t get me wrong, some celebrities looked stunning but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Any way without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce the number one best dressed of the evening!


IMG_0336[Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli, Image  by cosmopolitan.com]

[Image by vogue.com]

I am so proud of JLO for not wearing a shear lace dress. Maybe that awful trend of showing your arse has disappeared for good, we can only hope. She looks like one hot, latino tomale. I really appreciate a yellow dress but it only works on the right skin tone and I think Jennifer really did do this Giambattista Valli creation justice. From the thigh high slit to the makeup the whole look is beautiful, she was honestly the belle of the ball.  My favourite thing about the dress does in fact have to be the mini cape which has been incorporated. Not only is it practical, you know just in case you feel a chill, but it’s also one of the biggest style trends of 2015/16. Everybody has been seen sporting cape like blazers and I live for them. Good job, JLO.
P.S The Jimmy Choo’s are what dreams are made of.

Next on my best dressed list is pretty obvious. She’s one of my favourite celebrities in the whole world. I admire this person for her eccentricity, her theatricality and her no nonsense attitude. It’s the one and only…

…Lady Gaga

IMG_0341[Lady Gaga wearing Atelier Versace. Image by cosmopolitan.com]

Everybody praise Versace! The House of Versace must be absolutely be dripping with dollars, every year they have new designs and every body is wearing them. God, I can’t get enough. This black, velvet, figure-hugging creation is to die for and makes for a sophisticated look which was unexpected from Gaga. I have to say I was expecting some wonderfully whacky creation as her role in American Horror Story is also whacky but instead we got an even better look. The whole outfit screams old Hollywood glamour and the Marilyn Monroe-esque hair is stunning, she’s almost unrecognisable! Congrats Gaga for making my best dressed list and on your win for American Horror Story.
P.S Although I love you, you ain’t no Jessica Lange.

Finally, the last one was a hard choice for me. Mainly because I despise the person but I guess you have to give credit where credit is due.  Next is the E! Red Carpet host, no it’s not  Ryan but…

… Giuliana Rancic

IMG_0340[Giuliana Rancic in Alex Perry, photo by cosmopolitan.com]

I am a huge fan of Fashion Police which I’m sure you know. However, I cannot help myself from hating on Giuliana, after all she is the reason Kelly O left the show. Oooh girl, the drama llama has entered the building and it’s on fire. I don’t like her attitude, her shitty jokes or her as a person but what I do like (which is the most important of course) is this amazing orange dress. The colour is everything and only two people wore orange on the carpet, Amy Adams (Versace) and of course Giuliana herself. Orange is quite a risky colour, especially with a red carpet as it may clash but I do have to say Giuliana works this ensemble. I love the arms how they drape and leave a certain elegance, oh I do wish I could say the same about the person. Sorry, G.

Yay, onto my favourite part the worst dressed! Please note that all of the above and the words to come are all written in light. I don’t hate, I dislike. We are all entitled to our opinions and I have no intention of offending anyone, so let’s get to it. First is…

…Cate Blanchett


[Cate Blanchett wearing Givenchy. Image by cosmopolitan.com]

IMG_0405[Image by dailymail.co.uk]

Looks like she’s ready for bed…again. I have previously picked on her for wearing satin nightwear clothing and she’s done it again but this time much more tastefully in Givenchy with the tassles from her curtains hanging at the bottom of the dress. Sorry but this is not a gown for the Golden Globes, everything about it is awful. The silky, pale pink creation is only good for one thing and that’s for using as a dinner table cloth at Christmas. Put it away, it’s January for goodness sake. Sorry girl, if it helps her makeup looked pretty.

Now for a pop princess…

…Katy Perry

IMG_0401[Katy Perry in Prada. Image by hollywoodreporter.com]

Can someone please tell me whether or not Katy Perry has a stylist? Judging by this look probably not, if she does…they’ll probably be out of a job. The gown is too small, I don’t think it fits properly in the right places and it’s a mess. I like to see celebrities sporting daring looks and even if it doesn’t work at least they can say they tried right? This is too simple and not enough for an awards show. She looks like she’s going to a high school prom. I do however love the beehive inspired hair and the subtle make up. I suppose it’s not too bad.

I cannot believe the next person is on my worst dressed list, it’s…

…Olivia Palermo

IMG_0404[Olivia palermo in Delpozo. Image by Vogue.com]

IMG_0406[Image by vogue.com]

New York Socialite and blogger Olivia Palermo is gorgeous and I really do admire her style. The weird thing about this is, I actually am in love with this dress. I love the quirkiness, the horizontal stripe, the dash of colour and the shape…just not on her. Her frame is so petite I think it drowns her and doesn’t do her figure justice. I also hate the jewellery placement, there is no need for a chunky necklace on the neckline. The whole outfit would have looked better with the collarbone showing. She is a fabulous woman, just the look isn’t. It pains me to say but its oh so true.

Well, didn’t that fly by. I hope you enjoyed reading my crazy thoughts and opinions. As I said above all I have said is purely for entertainment purposes. Tweet me at @savingforchanel and tell me who your best and worst dressed were at the Golden Globes. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again, enjoy your Friday!

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